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Maximize Your
Full Potential.

Elite Performance Training and Injury Prevention for Youth, Amateur, and Professional Athletes



John Melvin Institute of Sports Science (JMISS) is a division of the John Melvin University Sports Science Department.
JMISS offers athletic training and scientific development for youth, amateur, and professional athletes. 

JMISS's State-of-the-Art facilities serve as a technology-driven sports-motion analysis center and will focus on the science of human performance to optimize strategies for improving performance, injury prevention, and recovery in amateur and professional athletes. The JMISS research facility is fully digitized for real-time 3D motion and joint force analysis supporting unparalleled and seamless integration of sports medicine and performance with biomechanics.

Marathon Runners

Are You willing to go the extra mile to reach your full potential?


Meet OUr Team

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JMISS is led by experts in mental training, performance enhancement, and injury prevention. It's a great place to improve physically and learn about performance psychology.  

Michael Piercy, MS, CSCS,*D, RSCC, PES Former Professional Baseball Player

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