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JMISS is an affiliate of John Melvin Christian University Systems, LLC. JMISS focuses on the science of human performance to support injury prevention and recovery in young athletes and professionals. John Melvin Christian University Systems manages JMU, JMCC, and JMISS and was founded by David and Jean Angeron of Pensacola, FL. JMISS offers athletic training and scientific development for youth, amateur, and professional athletes. JMISS also offers post-graduate programs that allow high school graduates to optimize their athletic, academic, and life skills while pursuing admission to the college or university that is best suited for them. JMISS strives to provide equal opportunities for students of all social and economic backgrounds.

We have a unique offering with programs led by experts and leaders in Business, Sports Science, Healthcare, and More, as well as athletic experience in college and professional sports worldwide. We differentiate ourselves by offering experienced leadership, prioritizing education outcomes, and advancing students and athletes to a path of successful careers.

JMISS's State-of-the-Art facilities serve as a technology-driven sports-motion analysis center and will focus on the science of human performance to optimize strategies for improving performance, injury prevention, and recovery in amateur and professional athletes. The JMISS research facility is fully digitized for real-time 3D motion and joint force analysis supporting unparalleled and seamless integration of sports medicine and performance with biomechanics.

Sports Science Department
College of Sports Science

Our team

David Angeron Headshot.jpg

David Angeron, PH.D

Certified Sport Psychology Coach


  • Ph.D. in Philosophy - Atlantic Coast College & Seminary

  • M.S in Healthcare Administration - University of New Orleans

  • B.S. in Kinesiology - Nicholls State University


  • Certified Sport Psychology Coaching Certififation

Jean Melvin .jpg

Jean Melvin, CRNA

ACSM Certified Personal Trainer


  • M.S. in Nursing - LSU Health Science Center

  • B.S. in Nursing - Nicholls State University


  • Anesthesia Certification - LSU Health Science Center

  • American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM) Personal Training Certification. 

Physical Therapy Session

Physical Therapy Group

Coming Soon

Leg Injury

Orthopedic Group

Coming Soon 

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